The Power to Grow Business

BrightDrive's reimbursement specialists: Increasing the speed and amount your facility gets paid; Reduce your spending to collect; Provide valuable and actionable information to enhance profitability.

BrightDrive will Provide You with Space to Soar

Stay ahead of changes in healthcare with a trusted partner that will keep you informed early and often.

Understand Your Data With BrightDrive

A decision is only as good as the information used to form it. Having a partner like BrightDrive that truly understands your environment is essential for success.

Transparency is the Key to Performance

Access to high quality, timely, and relevant data leads to better decision-making, which in turn leads to greater effectiveness.

Laboratory Billing Services

In the developing market of healthcare, a diverse partner is the key to success. BrightDrive specializes in a multitude of services to truly offer predictable and consistent results.

Revenue Cycle Services

Building strong and lasting relationships with our clients by sharing our professional experiences with you are one of the many reasons BrightDrive Healthcare Solutions is your best choice.

Hospital Services

BrightDrive HCS is a fully compliant, quality, full-service medical billing company, leaders in molecular billing. Helping hospitals build sustainable financial security is what we do best.

Revenue Cycle Services

Physician Practices/Medical Group Specialties

Boost revenue for your practice with better clinical coding and editing techniques that can improve claims even before they’re submitted.


At BrightDrive, we specialize in total A/R management so hospitals can increase their cash flow and get back to what matters.

Surgery Center

Just like your patient's vitals provide you with metrics for treatment plans, financial reports provide you with metrics on the 'health' of your center.

Chronic Care Management

At BrightDrive, our specialization in medical communication and care coordination puts us in an ideal position to help practices.

Physician Owned Laboratories

Reimbursement is one of the most common obstacles to healthcare integration into today's modern practices. Let BrightDrive remove the complexity and get you paid faster.


As payers step up their efforts to constrain out-of-network reimbursement rates, learning to navigate roadblocks to achieve higher repayments can significantly improve a provider's financial results and bottom line.


At BrightDrive, we use a proven workflow and proprietary techniques to ensure an increase in reimbursement and collections specifically for the laboratory on the first pass.


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