Revenue Cycle Services

Revenue cycle management is essential to any business’s strategy. These processes are only growing in importance in healthcare as every dollar is expected to stretch further than before.

You can rely on the BrightDrive HCS team to help translate market and regulatory changes into actionable intelligence and solutions. We’ll provide resources, education solutions and disciplined focus in areas where we have demonstrated expertise, with industry thought-leaders who are plugged into what’s going on in the marketplace.

Bright Drive Health Solution

Here are just some of the ways BrightDrive HCS can help your organization today:

  • Specialized coders work side-by-side with your organization to secure appropriate coverage and payment
  • Our patient-centered front office team clarifies your patient’s obligation and provides effective account resolution
  • Our coders and reimbursement specialist build customized reimbursement strategies that are specialty-specific
  • We concentrate heavily on workflow evaluations and redesigns for efficiency
  • Claim Denials are handled concurrently and/or retrospectively with a full complement of technical, legal and clinical expertise
  • The backbone of our program centered around the latest technologies in artificial intelligence for predictive financial forecasting and robotic process automation for quality assurance guarantees, we are the right partner for the long term

Services For Every Client

  • Dedicated Account Executive
  • Scrubbing of each claim
  • Eligibility of benefits
  • Prior Authorization
  • Patient Financial counseling
  • Specialty-specific Coding for all modalities and specialties
  • Financial and test mapping for fee enhancements
  • Billing and claims submission for primary and secondary payers
  • AR follow up for payers and patients
  • Appeals and denial management
  • Legal engagement as needed for denied payment
  • Reimbursement review and audits
  • Credentialing
  • Enrollment
  • Insurance contracting
  • Compliance and legal backing to navigate the tougher payer landscapes to ensure all collections for the client
  • Workers comp and disability
  • HFMA based KPI driven outcomes for financial health

Payer Contracting

BrightDrive HCS understands that Payer relationships are vitally important. Opening the dialog and making payers a part of your success instead of a barrier is key.

Develop a Strategy
BrightDrive will help you develop a strategy to understand if you are getting the best rate. Rates can vary from city to city, and our specialists have the knowledge of each area that’s needed to negotiate the best rate for each facility.

Charge Master Analysis
BrightDrive’s reimbursement specialists also offer charge master analysis to ensure that charges are being set appropriately based on each contract, and the prevailing rates to make sure that there is no money being left on the table.

Free Business Office Audit
BrightDrive will also complete a free, full business office audit to determine strengths and opportunities by examining contracts and reimbursements to determine any breakdowns in the revenue.