With the increased complexity of hospital revenue cycle services over the last several years, it is vital that organizations partner with RCS companies that have access to the latest in technologies and tools. We actively deploy our artificial intelligence to increase the power of predictive analytics and financial forecasting. AI, coupled with robotic process automation and optimized workflow redesign based on LEAN methodologies, will ensure a high-quality process throughout the lifecycle of the claim. This type of pre and post-analytic focus on quality will ensure there is a much higher resolution of claims on the first pass and therefore provide a more consistent revenue stream for the organization.

With a customized approach to RCS for each facility, there will always be one consistent theme of 100% transparency. We provide customized dashboards, data analytics, and recommended financial optimization strategies based on the data present. With a focus on KPI driven results through the HFMA and MGMA financial standards, there will be an assurance of precise outcomes.


Services For Every Client

  • Dedicated Account Executive
  • Scrubbing of each claim
  • Eligibility of benefits
  • Prior Authorization
  • Patient Financial Counseling
  • Specialty-specific Coding for all modalities and specialties
  • Financial and test mapping for fee enhancements
  • Billing and claims submission for primary and secondary payers
  • AR follow-up for payers and patients
  • Appeals and denial management
  • Reimbursement review and audits
  • Credentialing
  • Enrollment
  • Insurance contracting
  • Workers comp and disability
  • HFMA based KPI driven outcomes for financial health