BrightDrive Healthcare Solutions understands that clinical and reference laboratories are facing several challenges being one of the most complex and volatile segments in the healthcare industry. The complexity of the ever-increasing regulatory demands alone can be a barrier to success. This is why BrightDrive has focused on being a true partner to our laboratory customers. We have developed one of the most effective lab billing, coding and financial management services on the market today. 

We offer full Transparency.

We are not afraid to let you look behind the curtain.

  • Access to everything- It’s your data!
  • Reimbursement specialists assigned
  • Dedicated, US-based Account executives
  • Multidisciplinary Team assigned
  • Weekly and Monthly KPI reporting
  • Sales portals available
  • 100% compliant

What else does being a BrightDrive partner mean?

  • BrightDrive cares about your entire ecosystem 
  • We can help you source equipment
  • Build relationships with Distributors
  • Make decisions on growth areas
  • Set up Lab to Lab Agreements
  • Strategic Planning = Reproducible Results

BrightDrive focuses on a turnkey solution for our partners including but not limited to:

  • Business Development
  • Compliance Consulting
  • Traditional Laboratory RCS
  • Customized Reimbursement and Mapping Strategies
  • Peer Reviews

Services for Every Client:

  • Eligibility for benefits
  • 16 point scrub of every claim
  • Lab-specific Coding for all test modalities (CGX, PGX, Autism, Cardio, Dementia Toxicology, Blood, Chemistry, pathology, allergy, all PCR and all advanced modalities)
  • Billing and claims submission for primary and secondary payers
  • AR follow up for payers and patients
  • Appeals and denial management
  • Legal engagement as needed for denied payment
  • Financial and test mapping for fee enhancements
  • Compliance and legal backing to navigate the tougher payer landscapes to ensure all collections for the client