Out-Of-Network Billing

BrightDrive partners with providers to compliantly obtain and increase ­­­reimbursment using Out-of-Network Billing. Using a proven process to help providers collect up to 100% of billed charges. Brightdrive’s process helps providers realize uncollected revenue that would otherwise be lost. This service can be utilized in conjunction with in-network billing services or as a separate service focus solely on this out of network area of business. BrightDrive’s workflow ­­­­­­provides:

  • • Guidance to avoid billing for In-network patient Under OON billing.
  • • Patient with “in-network” benefits get reimbursed under in-network facility.
  • • Only selected plans will be billed under OON facility, which will not affect the in-network revenue.

Key Benefits of Working with BrightDrive for OON

  • We absorb Admin burden
  • Practice analysis included
  • Negotiations completed by BrightDrive
  • Financial and test mapping for fee enhancements
  • Insurance Plan and Benefits checks for OON billing before claims submission
  • Fee schedule analysis for higher reimbursement 
  • Payment negotiation for OON claims with payers
  • Appealing for underpaid claims
  • Patient Satisfaction