Physician Practices/Medical Group Specialties

BrightDrive Healthcare Solutions understand that specialty practices are just that, SPECIAL. Billing for specialty practices isn’t one size fits all.

Specialty-Specific Coding Results in Fewer Denials and More Revenue

For many specialties, complex coding requirements can be very hard to navigate for providers as well as for billers. Due to this complexity, internal billers depend heavily on providers to share appropriate CPT and ICD codes, but this is not fair to providers. Providers may not be able to stay updated with all the frequent changes in coding guidelines without support. This can result in loss of revenue, broken processes, and backlogs. It takes time for providers and office administrators to realize the loss of revenue, identify the source of the problem, and then determine corrections.

BrightDrive Healthcare Solutions is here to help. We believe in building partnerships with our Specialty Providers.

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Full revenue cycle outsourcing is a winning strategy that transforms your medical office into a sustainable, high-performing engine.

In today’s volatile healthcare industry, reduced margins, write-offs, and resource gaps contribute to low financial performance. Improvements in the revenue cycle are a strategic business imperative, with speed and sustainable results as key factors.

At BrightDrive, we can improve your organization’s cash flow and sustain results by leveraging best practices, technology, and education.

Services For Every Client

  • Dedicated Account Executive
  • Scrubbing of each claim
  • Eligibility of benefits
  • Prior Authorization
  • Patient Financial Counseling
  • Specialty-specific Coding for all modalities and specialties
  • Financial and test mapping for fee enhancements
  • Billing and claims submission for primary and secondary payers
  • AR follow-up for payers and patients
  • Appeals and denial management
  • Reimbursement review and audits
  • Credentialing
  • Enrollment
  • Insurance contracting
  • Workers comp and disability
  • HFMA based KPI driven outcomes for financial health